Apple iPhone SE 3rd Generation

Blue iPhone 13 Pro display side profile. The camera side is facing up. 3 camera lenses are exposes toward skys.
Two blue iPhone 13 Pro's displaying different views: side , back, and side at an angel. Blue iPhone 13 Pro side angel has a black background. Black bold writing "Design. Beautifully durable. By design".
One image is a bright red flower in high definition. Second image is a man in a room with light exposure on his face. Black bold writing "Pro Camera System. Big camera upgrade. Bigger photo possibilities".
iPhone 13 Pro screen displaying a video recording two astronauts. Black bold writing "Cinematic Mode. Shift the focus. Up the drama".
Hands holding the iPhone 13 Pro and playing a game displayed on the screen. Black bold writing "Display. Hello, ProMotion".
Black bold writing "Chip and Battery. Pure. Pro.Power". Images of a Phone chip and a green phone battery symbol.
Three iPhone 13 Pro. One phone displays music, another displays a book with writing, and one displays the camera roll. Black bold writing "5G. No one does 5G like iPhone".