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Data Packs


What are data packs and how do they work?

Data packs* allow you to increase the amount of high speed data you have access to within a 30-day window for a one-time add-on or monthly for recurring data packs. One-time data pack add-ons expire after 30 days or when the allotment is depleted. They are separate from your monthly plan and will be removed after 30 days. Recurring data packs become a part of your monthly payment and will automatically renew until you cancel.


What data packs add-ons are available?


One Time Data Packs

1GB of 4G LTE Data

  • $5/mo

2GB of 4G LTE Data

  • $10/mo

5GB of 4G LTE Data

  • $15/mo

10GB of 4G LTE Data

  • $30/mo


Recurring Data Packs
  • 1GB of 4G LTE Data - $5/mo 
  • 2GB of 4G LTE Data - $10/mo
  • 5GB of 4G LTE Data - $15/mo
  • 10GB of 4G LTE Data - $30/mo


If I purchase a data pack, is the price or the included GB prorated?

No, the price and associated GB for a data pack add-on will not be prorated regardless of purchase date.


Can a data pack replenish my Mobile Hotspot data too?

Data packs do replenish Mobile Hotspot data as long as your plan has hotspot included.


What's the difference between a one-time data pack and a recurring data pack?

One-Time Data Pack Add-On: This Data Pack would not recur monthly. The data allotment is valid for 30 days from the purchase date.

Recurring Data Pack Add-On: This Data Pack recurs monthly. The data allotment automatically renews on a monthly basis until you decide you no longer want the extra data. The cost is added to your monthly payment.


If I purchase a data pack, is my monthly plan data used up first?

No, the data pack will be used first and once it is used up, your plan will default back to its monthly data left included in your plan.


If I have a recurring and a one time use data packs on my plan, which is used first?

Your one-time add-on data will be used first, then you recurring add-on data, and finally, your regular plan data allotment.


Can I pay for a one -time data pack with my monthly bill?

One-time add ons begin immediately when they are purchased and will remain on the account for 30 days. Payment for one-time add ons are completely separate and cannot be included in your monthly payment. If you wish to pay for a data pack with your monthly payment, you will need to purchase a recurring data pack. It will renew with your MRC and be paid with your monthly payment.


If I use all of my plan's high speed data and purchase a data pack, will my data return to high speed?

If your data speed has been reduced because you've used all of your high speed data, purchasing a data pack will return to high speed for the duration of the data pack allocation.


If I use up my data pack before expiration or the end of my billing cycle, can I purchase another one?

Yes, you can purchase additional data packs.

*Data packs available in-store only

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