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Multi-Line Plan FAQs


What options does Boost Mobile offer for multi-line plans?

New Boost Mobile customers can sign up in-store for a multi-line plan that offers support for up to 3 lines.*

2 Line Plan - $80

  • Unlimited Data, Talk and Text
  • 5G/4G data
  • 12GB/mo. Mobile Hotspot for each line**
  • New Customers Only

3 Line Plan - $90

  • Unlimited Data, Talk and Text
  • 5G/4G data
  • 12GB/mo. Mobile Hotspot for each line**
  • New Customers Only


What is the benefit of a multi-line plan?

By joining a multi-line plan you're able to get a better value for your money. A 2 line plan would enable you to pay $30 for the second line, a savings of $20/month. A 3 line plan would enable you to pay $30 for the second line and just $10 for the 3rd line, saving you $60/month compared to individual lines with the same benefits.


Can current Boost customers merge onto one multi-line plan?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to merge current single-line accounts into one multi-line account while keeping all information and phone numbers intact. Therefore, if customers wish to join a multi-line plan, they would need to forfeit their current single-line account and phone number in order to establish a new, multi-line account with others.


Do I share my monthly high-speed data allotment with other lines on a Boost Mobile multi-line account?

No, lines on a multi-line account don't share data; each line has its own high-speed data allowance with reduced speeds after monthly usage of high-speed data allotment.


Can I bring my own device (BYOD)?

Yes, you may either choose to purchase a new Boost Mobile device or activate your BYOD device if it's compatible with our network.


Are there any restrictions on the data usage?

After 35GB, you will experience reduced speeds of 512kbps speeds until your next monthly allotment.


What happens if I miss my payment? Will my phone services still work?

Your service will be interrupted until you add enough money to your account to cover your monthly payment amount. However, for 30 days from your missed payment date, you will have access to limited services. You have 120 days to resume service by paying your monthly payment in full or your account will be cancelled and you will lose all funds in your account balance and your phone number.


Can I add a line to my multi-line plan?

All lines must be added at purchase for the multi-line plan, but you may remove a line later, if necessary.


Can I remove a line from my multi-line plan?

If you are on a 3 line plan, you can remove a line and be moved to the 2 line $80 plan.


If I remove a line and am bumped to the 2 line plan mid cycle, do I get a refund?

Removing a line will only go into effect on your next billing date, so whether or not you use the line, it will be active until then.


Can I remove all lines from an account to move to single line plans?

At this time, you would need to create new single-line accounts for each line and would not be able to retain your numbers for the associated lines.


Where can I view available single-line plans?

You can take a look at our single plan offerings here.

*5G Nationwide Access Included. 5G requires compatible device. 5G is not available everywhere

**Hotspot usage draws from monthly high-speed data allotment. Learn more.


Important Note: Listed prices may be subject to additional taxes and fees.

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