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Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you received communication that your account was being moved to the new website, click here.

Log in to My Account to make a payment or check how much money you have in your account fund. Note that adding funds to your account does not replenish data allocations. If you need extra data, you can purchase a data pack.

If you have a physical SIM card, turn off your phone. Use the ejector tool to open the SIM tray on your phone. Compare the size of your old SIM to your Boost SIM Kit and remove the matching size. Place the new SIM in your phone's tray and close the tray. Learn more about physical SIMs here.


If you have an eSIM, find more information on how to install it here.

If you have an Android phone, follow these steps to finish activating your phone on our data network after you've activated your plan online. If you’ve got an iPhone, follow these steps to finish your activation


Find steps for troubleshooting common issues here.

Most popular, unlocked 4G LTE & 5G phones can be activated on our network. See if your phone is compatible

Learn more about upgrading to a new device or trading in your old device here. If you’re ready to trade-in an old or unwanted device, start here.

When you're ready for a new device, you can find upgrade information here.


Boost encourages proper recycling of all electronic devices. If you have an unwanted device, learn how to properly dispose of it. Together we can make the world a cleaner place!

Some Android phones require a manual Access Point Name (APN) configuration to allow mobile hotspots or tethering on our network. If you're having issues when trying to set up a mobile hotspot on your Android Boost phone, follow these steps.

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Learn how to make a payment, change your plan or add extras, update your personal information, and more.

Conveniently manage your service anywhere at anytime with the BoostOne app.

Compare plan details, learn how our plans and extras work, see how to easily bring your current phone to Boost Mobile, and more.

Learn when your SIM kit will arrive, how to insert your SIM, and the information you'll need to activate your device.                             


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