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Activating Your Phone

Do I need to do anything before I activate my phone with Boost?

1. Ask your current provider to unlock your phone so it's eligible for activation with Boost. Learn more about unlocking.

2. If you want to bring your current number to Boost, you'll need to ask your current provider for your account number and a number transfer PIN. Also, your account must be active and paid in full to bring your number. Do not cancel with your current provider until after you activate with Boost.

3. Have your device IDs. To find your device ID, open the Phone app and dial *#06#. You will see a screen with your device IDs. You can use the ESN, IMEI, or MEID.

How long will it take to activate my phone?

Most activations are complete within a few minutes; however, in some cases it can take up to 24 hours.

Do I need to do anything after I activate my phone?

If you activated your phone at a Boost Mobile store, you’re all set! Otherwise, follow these steps to finish activating your Android phone or your iPhone on our data network after you've activated your plan online.

How do I know if my phone is compatible?

Most popular 4G LTE & 5G phones can be activated on our network, to make sure your phone is compatible, visit your nearest Boost store.

Is there an activation fee?

If the phone has been activated on Boost Mobile in the past, there will be a reactivation fee.

When should I cancel my service with my current carrier?

Wait until after you activate your Boost Mobile service to cancel. Your service must be active with your current carrier in order for them to release your phone number. 

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